Tenders & Quotes

Cowra Shire Council frequently issues Tenders for the supply of materials, equipment and services. Tenders are advertised and during this time tender documents are available to prospective tenderers from Council Offices.

Tender closing times are strictly adhered to and tenders received after the advertised closing date and time cannot be considered. The format required for submission of tenders is provided in the advertisment and also the tender documents. Failure to submit a tender in the required format may lead to a tender not being considered by Council.

Tenderers are advised to contact Local Government Procurement in relation to any questions relating to the current Tenders.  RFT documents may be obtained via the E-Tendering Portal via Tenderlink

Current Tenders

RFT for Wet and Dry Plant Hire Tenders 6/2020 and 7/2020

Tenders are invited from businesses operating construction plant and equipment interested in being placed on Cowra Council's Wet and Dry Plant Hire Panels. Tender documentation can be downloaded through the e-tenderlink Portal accessible via Cowra Council's E-Tendering Portal via Tenderlink.

Tenders close 2.00 pm on 9 June 2020.