Pre-Development Application

Cowra Council's Pre Development Application(DOC, 114KB) service provides future applicants who have already prepared conceptual development plans with an opportunity to receive feedback from Council regarding key aspects of their proposal.

The purpose of the Pre-Development Application service is to identify any issues or concerns with the proposal that should be addressed prior to the Development Application being lodged with Council.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a Pre-Development Application mandatory?

No. The lodgement of a Pre-Development Application is optional.

Pre-Development Applications are recommended for larger or more complex development proposals. They are not recommended for simple proposals such as new single dwellings, or dwelling additions. Experience shows that any concerns or questions regarding these types of developments can generally be addressed by making enquiries with Council staff on (02) 6340 2040.

Why lodge a Pre-Development Application?

There are a number of reasons why the lodgement of a Pre-Development Application is recommended:

  • The process is a valuable information-sharing opportunity between you and Council staff.
  • You will recieve written feedback that will assist you with the preparation of your Development Application.
  • You will be advised on key issues which may lead to a change in the design of your proposal before detailed plans are prepared.
  • The efficiency of the Development Application process can be improved by ensuring that the requirement information is provided to Council upfront.
What information is required for a Pre-Development Application?

As a minimum, the following information should be included with a Pre-Development Application:

  • Completed Pre-Development Application Form.
  • A written description of the proposal.
  • Conceptual plans of the proposal. The quality of plans provided will influence the quality of advice that Council is able to provide in return.
  • Any other supporting documentation including site photos, survey plans etc.
What can I expect from a Pre-Development Application?

As part of Council's Pre-Development Application response, you can expect:

  • An indication on the permissibility of your proposal and the relevant development standards, controls and policies which will apply.
  • An indication of any issues which require further consideration as part of the preparation of a Development Application with Council.

Note: Addressing the recommendations in Council's Pre-Development Application advice letter does not imply that your proposal will gain Council approval. The views of the community, councillors and/or other government authorities are not able to be taken into account as part of the Pre-Development Application process.

How much does a Pre-Development Application cost?

It is free of charge to lodge a Pre-Development Application with Council.

How long does a Pre-Development Application take?

Council's guarantee of service is 10 working days.

What is the next step?

Once you have received Council's Pre-Development Application advice letter, you must decide whether you wish to proceed with the proposal.

If you wish to proceed and Council has advised that a Development Application is required, you should prepare your Development Application and ensure that the issues raised in your Pre-Development Application advice letter are properly addressed.