Properties that possess a unique historical, scientific, cultural, social, archaeological, architectural, natural or aesthetic value are recognised through heritage listing as being worthy of conservation and retention.

Heritage items are listed on the State Heritage Register if the item is of State heritage significance, or in a Local Environmental Plan if the item is of local heritage significance. Cowra currently has 65 heritage items of local significance, and four items of State significance. There are potentially many more items that are worthy of heritage listing, and these will be the subject of ongoing studies and investigations by Council with the assistance of the local community.

Cowra Council currently employs the services of a consulting heritage advisor who visits Council on a monthly basis. The heritage advisory service is a free service available to the public. This is achievable through the support of the Heritage Branch of the Office of the Environment and Heritage.

The heritage advisor is available by appointment to provide advice on all heritage related matters. Please contact Council on (02) 6340 2040 to arrange an appointment.

The NSW Office of the Environment and Heritage (OEH) is responsible for managing places of Aboriginal significance. Further information about Aboriginal heritage can be obtained from their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are heritage listings?

New South Wales has two main types of heritage listings known as heritage items and conservation areas. Heritage listings flag that a place or object has heritage significance.

There are no heritage conservation areas in the Cowra Shire. Individual places and objects have been identified and listed as being of local or state heritage significance.

Further information about heritage listings is contained in this brochure(PDF, 44KB) which has been prepared by the NSW Heritage Office.

What are the impacts of heritage listings?

Heritage listings keep heritage places or objects authentic, alive and useful. Heritage listing does not stop all change or freeze a place in time. The point of listing is to recognise heritage value, not to prevent adaptation to the owner's changing needs. It is possible to retain original features and also modernise the listed building or place. Heritage listing also gives owners improved access to heritage grants and free advice from Council's heritage advisor on how to make sympathetic changes.

Further information about the benefits of heritage listings is contained in this brochure(PDF, 2MB) which has been prepared by the NSW Heritage Office.

How do I know if property is heritage listed?

All heritage listings are identified on the Heritage Map Series in Cowra Local Environmental Plan 2012. Click here to access the Cowra Local Environmental Plan 2012 Heritage Maps.(PDF, 2MB)

If you wish to obtain written advice from Council as to whether your property is heritage listed, or affected by any other planning matters, you should obtain a Section 10.7 (2) Planning Certificate from Council. The cost of this certificate is currently $62.00 in accordance with Council's 2022/2023 Revenue Policy.