Thinking of Going Solar?

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Get tailored solar information for your house

‘SunSPoT’ solar calculator is now available to Cowra Shire residents and businesses, to help you make an informed solar purchasing choice.

What will SunSPoT tell you?

SunSPoT provides answers to many confusing questions about solar for buyers including:

  • How much money will a solar PV system save me in a year?
  • What are the best areas for solar panels on my building roof?
  • What size system is best?
  • How much energy will it generate?
  • What should I be paying for a solar system?
  • How much more will I save with a battery?
What makes SunSPot different to other online solar calculators?

Your details are private
Unlike other online solar calculators, SunSPoT does not collect and share your details with solar sales companies. SunSPoT was built specifically to help small energy users (home and business owners).

Sophisticated software

SunSPoT’s clever 3D spatial mapping technology allows it to identify the tilt and orientation of a roof plane, and determine the impact of shading from buildings and trees throughout the year.

Tailored results

The results are uniquely tailored to your roof, your area and your electricity usage. Using average solar system pricing data provided by Solar Choice, and your personalised electricity billing data and usage info, the calculations provide a reliable benchmark that can be compared with quotes from solar sales companies.

If you’re thinking about getting solar, start your search with the free SunSPoT solar potential tool.