Planning Proposal

Cowra Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 provides the main statutory framework for planning and development in Cowra Shire. It identifies land for specific purposes through land use zones, and the extent that a parcel of land can be developed via development standards. It also contains provisions to conserve Cowra Shire’s heritage and protect sensitive land, such as minimum lot sizes.

As communities and circumstances change, however, so can planning laws - to permit new development and land uses suitable for an evolving community.

A Planning Proposal proposes to change a development standard in the LEP. For example, a Planning Proposal can propose to rezone land, change minimum lot sizes, increase or decrease the range of permissible uses for a site or change other development standards that are applicable to a site. The changes can only be undertaken through a formal amendment to the Cowra LEP.

Applications to rezone or change development standards for individual parcels of land are assessed on a case-by-case basis. All planning proposals are assessed on merit having regard to the matters identified above and the individual circumstances of the particular site or location.

Planning Proposals can be highly complex and technical legal documents, supported by various reports and or studies compiled by planning professionals. As such, Cowra Council strongly recommends proponents undertake a Scoping Report before preparing a proposal, so they become familiar with the process.

After reviewing a Scoping Report, Council will issue written advice as well as encouraging a pre-lodgement meeting, if not several meetings, with the proponent. The purpose of this advice and meetings are to confirm if the proposal has strategic and site-specific merit to progress to a planning proposal and to identify the supporting information necessary for assessment.

To help you prepare a Scoping Report, Council offers as coping proposal template prepared by the Department of Planning and Environment.

Ideally, Planning Proposals are prepared by someone with experience and expertise in the field of strategic planning. Department of Planning and Environment Guidelines must be considered. Along with these guidelines, the department has information sheets to designed to assist:

Information required by authorities and government agencies at pre-lodgement

What supporting technical information may be needed to support the proposal

If you are interested in the possibility of submitting a Planning Proposal, Cowra Council welcomes the chance to discuss your ideas. 
Please contact the Planning team on 6340 2040.