Permits and licences

Section 138 Permits - Relating to Driveway Crossings and Work within Council's Road Reserve

Where works are proposed within the road reserve, formal approval must be obtained from Council as the Roads Authority as required under Section 138 of the Roads Act 1993. The road reserve includes the footpath – any area outside the property boundary.

Works within the road reserve may include activities like erecting a structure, constructing a driveway, installing storm water drains, removing or interfering with a structure, or any other activities as defined within the Roads Act 1993.

For further information or application forms, please contact Infrastructure & Operations Department on (02) 6340 2085, or email

The costs for the Section 138 permit are:

Minor works (Form A and standard TCP) $66
Non-standard works (Form B, applicant provides TCP) $183
Non-standard works (Form B, Council prepares TCP) $503
Additional fee for urgent processing if permit required within 2 days      $114
Re-inspection fee $80
Retrospective approval $582
Compliance Certificate Fees for Access (Including Subdivisions) $84



Section 138 Application Form A - Standard works / Driveways(PDF, 182KB)

Section 138 Application Form B - Non Standard works(PDF, 149KB)

For  a section 138 Non standard Form B  is all works that are not driveways, but  are works within the road reserve may include activities like erecting a structure, removing or interfering with a structure, or any other activities as defined within the Roads Act 1993.

If you would like assistance with these forms please contact Infrastructure & Operations on (02) 6340 2085 or email

Footpath Trading Permits

Under the Roads Act 1993, Cowra Council is responsible for ensuring that motorist and pedestrian safety is not compromised within any public road reserve.  To fulfil its obligations, Council has a Footpath Trading Policy that controls the number and location of advertising signage on footpaths/public roads. 

Businesses that wish to display signs, items or furniture on the footpath or roadway must make application to Council for a Footpath Trading Permit.  For more information or to confirm whether or not your business has a current Footpath Trading Permit, contact the Environmental Services Department on (02) 6340 2040 or by mail at Private bag 342, Cowra NSW 2794.

Footpath Trading Policy(DOC, 136KB)
Footpath Trading Permit Application(PDF, 69KB)

Street Stall Permits

All organisations or associations wishing to hold street stalls in Kendal Street, Cowra are invited to contact Council and make application to Council by the due date for the coming year. Applications must state the approximate date desired and all applications from auxiliaries or branches must be endorsed and sponsored by the appropriate central organisation.

Applications will only be considered from charitable, educational or religious organisations and all organisations must provide Council with evidence of Public Liability Insurance to a minimum of $20 million.

Allocations will be made where an application is not received by the cut-off date only if and when all applications received by that date have been fully satisfied. Council does not undertake to allocate dates corresponding to those requested, but every endeavour will be made to meet requests. For further information contact the Director - Corporate Services on (02) 6340 2006.

Street Stall Fundraising Policy(PDF, 474KB)
Street Stall Application(PDF, 126KB)

Fire Permits

During the statutory bushfire danger period, 1st October - 31st March, unless extended or revoked by the local authority, a Fire Permit is required by law for any open fire to clear land, burn stubble or reduce fire hazards. Failure to obtain a permit could result in a $550 on the spot fine. A fire permit will not be issued to burn household rubbish.

Fire permits are obtainable by contacting the Canobolas Zone Rural Fire Service on (02) 6363 6666. It is a requirement under the Rural Fires Act that the permit holder notify all adjoining property owners and their local Brigade Captain no less than 24 hours prior to lighting the fire and that they burn only during the specified times. For further information contact the Fire Control Officer on (02) 6363 6666.