DA Code of Planning Practice

Cowra Council has a DA Code of Planning Practice(PDF, 249KB) which sets pathways for the lodgement, assessment and processing of development applications. Cowra Council is committed to taking action that improves public confidence in the way development applications are process and assessed in the Shire. The Code provides specific guidelines on how Councillors and staff should properly assess and determine development applications.

The aims of the Code are:

a) Provide transparency about the process used in Cowra Shire Council for the application and assessment of development applications;

b) Ensure that delegations are appropriate and that there is a separation of responsibilities in considering development applications;

c) Ensure that decision-making about development applications is transparent, objective and fair and that applications are determined on the basis of planning merit in accordance with the EP&A Act - and not as a result of undue influence; and

d) Minimise the risks of corruption and improve public confidence in the administration and determination of development applications.