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Published on 29 October 2023

Cowra Shire Council will take a proactive stance on inclusivity and accessibility at the 2023 Local Government NSW (LGNSW) Annual Conference next month.

Two of the three motions put forward by Cowra Council aim to improve the lives of its residents and champion the values of equity and inclusiveness.

The first motion calls upon LGNSW to urge the NSW Government to fully adopt the Liveable Housing Design standards as an integral component of the National Construction Code 2022.

These standards are designed to ensure that housing is universally accessible and adaptable, allowing people of all abilities to live comfortably and safely in their homes. If housing is built to this standard then people can age in their own homes comfortably and there would be no need for retro fitting", said Cowra Shire Mayor Ruth Fagan.

The NSW Mobility Parking Scheme has also been on Cowra Council’s agenda for some time.

“The second motion urges LGNSW to write to the NSW Government, requesting the removal of the word "disability" from the language used in the published materials associated with the NSW Mobility Parking Scheme. This change aims to promote a more respectful and inclusive environment for individuals who require accessible parking spaces,” said Mayor Fagan.

"Words matter, and we believe that inclusive language is a simple yet impactful way to promote dignity and respect for all individuals. Removing the word 'disability' from parking schemes is a meaningful step toward recognizing the diverse needs of our community."

Mayor Fagan emphasised that these motions are closely aligned with Cowra's values and its ongoing commitment through the Access Committee and Chair Cr Nikki Kiss to create a community where everyone, regardless of ability, feels valued and included. 

The third proposed motion introduced by Cr Peter Wright addresses another area of concern for Cowra Shire.

The Motion is “That LGNSW request the NSW Government work with current and potential recycled materials manufacturer to find an increase capability to process the collected recycling material in regions to ensure councils meet their legislated commitment requirements and are not negatively impacted by the cost of doing this.”

"These motions are not just about the specific changes they propose; they symbolise our dedication to creating a Cowra that is economically sustainable as well as welcoming, accessible, and respectful of all its residents, Mayor Fagan said.

Cowra Shire Council will encourage all NSW Council’s to support the motions at the Conference.

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