Rangers are employed by Council to enforce laws and local policies. This is important in order to protect and enhance our natural environment and protect our way of life. Please explore the FAQ’s below to find out more about Ranger Services in the Cowra Shire. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Council Rangers do?

Council Rangers fulfil many roles, including:


In relation to pollution, Rangers:

  • patrol for and respond to reports of air and water pollution.
  • Investigate pollution events and initiate clean-up actions.
  • Locate sites that have the potential to pollute and initiate action to prevent pollution occurring.
  • Patrol and respond to events of air pollution. This includes smoke and dust, backyard fires and illegal burn offs.

Litter and Rubbish

In relation to litter and rubbish, Rangers patrol for and respond to reports of littering and rubbish dumping.

Feral Animals

Rangers are responsible for controlling feral animals on Council land such as cats, starlings and pigeons.


Rangers handle all noise issues that are animal related. Rangers also deal with other noise matters such as loud music and machinery.

Stock Control

Rangers respond to all reports of stock at large in public places.  Rangers also attend truck incidents involving stock and monitor the condition of fences in our area to prevent stock escaping.


Rangers respond to reports of vandalism and work with Police and local security firms to reduce incidents of vandalism to Council property.

Abandoned Articles

Rangers organise the removal or impounding of discarded or lost property. Items may include cars, boats, beer kegs, signs - the list is endless.


Rangers enforce the parking laws in public streets within the Shire.


Rangers protect the road system from abuse and misuse, obstructions and danger.

Legal Action

Being in an enforcement role, Council's Rangers are authorised to commence legal action against offenders and to issue on-the-spot fines. Rangers also issue written cautions and aim to avoid legal action where possible. 

How can I get in touch with a Council Ranger?

Cowra Ranger Services can be contacted on (02) 6340 2052

Sometimes the Ranger may be out on an urgent matter or in a location that does not receive mobile telephone coverage, in this instance you should leave a message when prompted and a Ranger will get back to you.

In the event of an emergency you should call Emergency on (000) or in the event of a non-life threatening emergency, you should call Cowra Police on (02) 6341 5099.