Adopt a Pound Pet

Cowra Council's "Adopt a Pound Pet" Program provides you the opportunity to offer a loving home to dogs and cats currently placed at the Cowra Pound.

The program aims to reduce the euthanasia of cats and dogs that are brought to the Pound with no identification; Pound animals that are adopted are micro-chipped by Council to reduce the cost of registration by the new owner.

Refer to Council's Facebook page to see animals available for adoption or contact the Council's Ranger on (02) 6340 2052.

Things to consider

Before you decide on adopting an animal from the pound, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I prepared to care for the animal for its whole life? Dogs can live up to 16 years of age, and cats can live up to 20 years of age.
  • Can I afford a pet? In addition to the upfront registration costs, there are ongoing costs associated with feeding the animal, annual health checks, grooming, worming, toys and treats.
  • Do I have time for a pet? Most animals require a huge time investment associated with training, entertaining, exercising and grooming.
  • Do I live in suitable accommodation for a pet? Most animals will require a suitably sized and enclosed yard. Some rental properties do not allow pets.
  • Will a pet suit my lifestyle? Working long hours, spending lots of time away from home, or having no one to look after your pet when your away are all relevant considerations.

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you are a fantastic candidate for Council's Adopt a Pound Pet program and we would love to hear from you. 

Registration fees

To adopt a Cowra Pound Animal, you only need to pay the following registration fees:

* From 1 July 2021, the NSW Government introduced free lifetime registration for rescue pets adopted from council pounds, animal shelters and rehoming organisations.

2023-24 Registration & permit fees are: 

Registration Category                                                                    Fee     
Dog - Desexed (by relevant age) $75
Dog - Desexed (eligible pensioner) $32
Dog - Not Desexed or Desexed after relevant age $252
Dog - Not Desexed (medical condition/recognised breeder) $75
Dog - Working / Service of the State / Assistance Animal
Dog or Cat - Desexed - sold by pound / shelter  $0
Cat - Desexed or Not Desexed $65
Cat - eligble pensioner $32

Registration - late fee $21


Annual Permit Category                                                                Fee      
Cat - Not Desexed by 4 months of age $92
Dangerous Dog $221
Restricted Dog $221
Permit - late fee $21


Registration notes:

  • Assistance animals are required to be microchippped and registered but no registration fee is required.
  • Working dogs are not required to be microchipped and registered but it is recommended for the protection of the dog.
  • Greyhounds registered with the Greyhound Racing Authority Act 1985 are not required to be microchipped and registered but it is recommended for the protection of the dog.