National Volunteer Week 2024 - Something for Everyone!

Published on 20 May 2024


It’s National Volunteer Week! The theme for this year is ‘Something for Everyone’.

National Volunteer Week recognises the diverse passions and talents everyone brings to the act of volunteering.

This week, Council will be highlighting the terrific work of our Section 355 Committees.

What’s that you ask??

Section 355 (b) of the NSW Local Government Act 1993 makes provision for Council to delegate certain functions to Committees and Council may use this authority and appoint a Section 355 Committee to manage facilities or functions.

Alongside Councillor representatives, the assistance and efforts of volunteers from the Cowra community on these committees is essential to look after the many wonderful facilities in our Shire and provide many of the programs and community events that are so valued by the community.

Let's look at some our amazing Section 355 Committee volunteers...

Breakout-Association-NVW-2024-S355-Profiles-3.png  Civic-Centre-NVW-2024-S355-Profiles-2.png  Cowra-CBD-NVW-2024-S355-Profiles.png  Saleyards-NVW-2024-S355-Profiles-4.png  

Sport-and-Rec-NVW-2024-S355-Profiles.png  World-Peace-Bell-NVW-2024-S355-Profiles.png  Youth-Council-NVW-2024-S355-Profiles-1.png