New Bins Help Residents Dispose of Sharps Safely

Published on 23 April 2024

Dispose Sharps

Residents of Cowra and surrounding areas can now dispose of sharps safely and responsibly, thanks to a collaborative effort by Cowra Shire Council, Cowra Medical Associates, Cowra Information and Neighbourhood Centre, Optimal Pharmacy, and Western NSW Local Health District. This joint initiative aims to enhance public health and safety by providing accessible facilities for the correct disposal of sharps materials.

All kinds of sharps need to be disposed of safely so that they do not end up in Council’s recycling bins and public facilities,” said Cowra Shire spokesperson, Philippa Childs.

“The installation of new sharps bins throughout the Cowra LGA represents a significant step forward in addressing concerns surrounding the proper disposal of sharps.”

The initiative targets a diverse range of community members, including those undergoing chemotherapy, IVF, or managing medical conditions requiring injections or needles, as well as individuals involved in animal care or using sharp objects such as knives, scissors, or fish hooks. By providing dedicated bins for the safe disposal of sharps, the project aims to provide safe and accessible disposal options and keep these potentially hazardous materials out of recycling. 

The first sharps bin has been installed in Squire Park, with plans underway to install a second bin at Cowra Senior Citizen's. Additional bins will be installed as funding becomes available. This phased approach ensures widespread access to safe disposal facilities across the community, further enhancing public health outcomes and community wellbeing.

"We are delighted to introduce these new sharps bins to Cowra. This joint initiative reflects our collective commitment to promoting public health and safety by addressing concerns associated with improper sharps disposal,” said Ms Childs. 

“By providing accessible facilities for the correct disposal of sharps, we aim to protect both residents and staff and keep our public places clean. We very often find sharps disposed of in recycling or disposed of in our public amenities or parks with various staff having been put at serious risk through needlestick injuries. These bins provide a clear message that all sharps need to be disposed of safely and this also creates awareness about the huge variety of objects that we consider sharps that we don’t want to see in our recycling bins."

All residents are encouraged to utilise the designated sharps bins for the safe disposal of sharps materials. For more information on the locations of sharps bins and proper disposal procedures, individuals are advised to contact Cowra Shire Council, Cowra Medical Associates, Cowra Information and Neighbourhood Centre, Optimal Pharmacy, or Western NSW Local Health District. 

SHARPIES BINS ARE HERE: Philippa Childs, Fran Stead, Anthony Collins, Pauline Rowston, and Jennifer Richmond with the new sharpie’s bin at Squire Park.

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