Garage Sale Trail Tutorial: Thrift meets style

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Trail Tutorials: fashion, home renovations and the circular economy.

As part of Spring’s festival of pre-loved stuff, Garage Sale Trail and Cowra Council present the Trail Tutorials; a series of inspiring and educational talks all about sustainable fashion and renovations.

Hosted by Walkey-Award winning journalist, commentator, TV presenter and sustainable fashion lover ANNABEL CRABB, this one hour session is packed full of hacks and tips to style and shop pre-loved.

You’ll join TikTok fashion sensation AMELIA CROOK, op shop mumma ARIETTA COMPTON, thrift queen KAYLA RUGGIERO and lover of luxury fashion EMILY KATE SYMES for a one-hour thrift fashion jam session. This smart and inspirational medley of pre-loved fashionistas will be dishing out style tips and know-how as they take you on a stroll down the path to sustainable fashion nirvana.


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  • Saturday, 29 October 2022 | 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM


Sessions are free to attend and hosted on Zoom.