Council Nurtures Next Generation of Recylers

Published on 20 November 2023

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In recognition of National Recycling Week last week, Cowra Council Waste Supervisor, Anthony Collins, and MRF Attendant, Blayd Almond, took the initiative to educate children on the importance of recycling at G8 Education’s Nurture One North Cowra Centre. The engaging educational display aimed to foster an understanding of recycling practices among the younger generation, was a massive hit with plans for further visits on the horizon.

The highlight of the event was the introduction of the mechanical robotic garbage bin brought in by Cowra Council,” said Anthony Collins of Cowra Shire Council.

“It really captured the attention and imagination of the children, making the learning experience both entertaining and informative.”

Throughout the day, Council led interactive sessions where they taught the children various recycling techniques. The young participants enthusiastically shared their knowledge of recycling and demonstrated a keen awareness of the difference between waste and recycling.

Belinda Murray, Centre Manager of Nurture One North Cowra, expressed her delight with the event, stating, "Many of the children, despite their age, were well informed as we run some good recycle programs at the Nurture One Childcare Centre."

To further support the centre's commitment to environmental education, Cowra Council generously donated a worm farm. The donation not only encourages sustainability but also aligns with the centre's existing efforts to instil eco-friendly practices in the daily lives of the children,” said Ms Murray.

Surprisingly, the Council team discovered that the children were already well-versed in water conservation practices.

Murray shared, "The children already were well informed about water use and being water-wise as they already use their excess water from their drink bottles as recycled water to grow their gardens."

The event proved to be a resounding success, with positive feedback from both educators and children.

The engaging and educational day underscores Cowra Council's commitment to fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within the community and we are always glad to help where we can,” said Mr Collins.

For more information on Cowra Council's initiatives and upcoming events, please contact Council on 02 6340 2000 or visit 

National Recycling Week was founded in 1996 as an opportunity for Australians to take waste and recycling into their own hands by improving their recycling knowledge and building better recycling habits.

NURTURING THE NEXT RECYCLERS: Cowra Shire Council’s Anthony Collins was on hand at Nurture One North Cowra Centre recently for National Recycle Week to teach the next generation of local youngsters the benefits of recycling.

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