Your water meter explained

Meter location

Water meters are generally installed on the property boundary, where practical and in a position allowing access to the meter for reading, replacing and repairing the meter.  For units, rural or commercial properties, this may not be the case. The location of the water meter is at Council’s discretion and must only be installed by Council employees or Council approved contractors.

A person must not connect in any way to Councils water supply system without the approval of Council.

Inaccessible water meters

Council needs access to water meters for various reasons including reading the meter and repair or replacement.  It is important a water meter is not:

  • Buried or with insufficient clearance to pipes
  • Encased in concrete
  • Behind a locked gate or door
  • Obscured by an overgrown garden
  • In the same proximity as a dog.


Ownership and responsibility

Water meters and water pipes leading from the mains to the meter are the property of Council. Customers are responsible for all water that has passed through the meter and the maintenance and repairs of all water services installed after the water meter.

Council meter reading

The water meter is read by Council contracted meter readers three times a year.  Water that has passed through the meter since the last reading will be billed to the property owner. All meters will have dials showing the amount of water that has been consumed since the meter was installed. These dials are coloured black and red and range from six to nine dials depending on the size and make of your meter.

Reading your own water meter

Reading your water meter regularly can identify any changes in the amount of water being used. Finding a problem early can reduce the impact on the water usage account. The water meter is generally located at the front of the property and it records water usage in kilolitres, which is per thousand litres. If the dials are moving water is passing through the meter.

By keeping a record of your own water use for different water-based activities, you can determine how much water you use every time you do a load a washing or put the dishwasher on. Keep a daily record and multiply the amount by seven (7) and you will have a weekly indication of how much water you use just on these activities.

For further information, please contact Council Infrastructure & Operations on (02) 6340 2070.