Village Well appointed to drive CBD activation strategy

Published on 22 January 2024

CBD Activation Strategy

The Cowra CBD Committee is thrilled to announce the appointment of Village Well, a renowned consultancy specialising in community engagement and retail urban development, to spearhead the development of a transformative CBD Activation Strategy in Cowra.

Chairperson and Cowra Shire Councillor Sharon D'Elboux expressed her excitement at the collaboration, emphasising the positive impact it will have on the town's retail future.

"We are delighted to have Village Well on board, given their extensive experience working with small towns and regional areas across Australia," said Cr D'Elboux.

Village Well is recognised for its innovative and inspiring approaches to community engagement and retail urban development. The firm's strength lies in facilitating collaborative processes that bring diverse and talented individuals and groups together to co-create authentic visions and implementable actions.

"Village Well's power is in their processes," Cr D'Elboux explained.

"They have a proven track record of facilitating inspiring and transformative engagement, aligning with ourvision for a vibrant and dynamic Cowra CBD."

The team assembled by Village Well for this project boasts a diverse set of skills, including placemaking, urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, economic data and visitor economy analysis, retail strategy, visual merchandising, place activation, and more.

"We believe that the combination of their expertise will be instrumental in shaping a comprehensive and actionable CBD Activation Strategy that reflects the unique character and aspirations of Cowra," stated Cr D'Elboux.

Cr D’Elboux’s comments were echoed by local Cowra businessman, Phil Beer, who was also optimistic about the appointment.

As a member of the CBD Committee, I look forward to working with my community to find solutions in expanding the retail offering here in Cowra. We are in good hands with Village Well,” Mr Beer said.

Being an owner of a popular business, Shoes 4 You in the CBD, I would encourage more people to consider going into small business. We have found Cowra residents to be loyal customers, in addition to the travelling public”. 

The Cowra CBD Committee looks forward to collaborating closely with Village Well in the coming months to develop a strategy that will activate and expand on the existing shopping opportunities for the Cowra LGA.

For further information, please contact Cowra Council on 02 6340 2000.

CBD ACTIVITY: Cowra Shire Councillor and CBD Chairwoman, Sharon D’Elboux with Cowra Freight owner, Phil Beer, Councillor Cheryl Downing and Kendal Newsagency’s, Christine Muddle are putting their best foot forward along with other community members and business leaders to help boost the Cowra CBD after the appointment of Village Well to oversee the project.

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