Agendas and minutes

We're working on an online portal to access all Council Agendas and Minutes. 

In the meantime, here are our most recent documents:

General Committee Meetings

9 October 2023(PDF, 15MB)

11 September 2023(PDF, 9MB)

14 August 2023(PDF, 4MB)

10 July 2023(PDF, 1MB)

13 June 2023(PDF, 12MB)

Ordinary Council Meetings

27 November 2023 Late Agenda(PDF, 15MB)

27 November 2023(PDF, 67MB)

23 October 2023(PDF, 8MB)

25 September 2023(PDF, 13MB)

25 September 2023 Late Meeting(PDF, 140KB)

28 August 2023(PDF, 19MB)

If you can't find the Agenda or Minutes you are after, please call us on (02) 6340 2000.